My Journey to Yoga


It all started with...

A lot of confusion! Confusion about what I was doing, why I was doing it and what I really wanted. 

Backtrack to 2014 and I had just moved to London. I was lucky enough to work in some pretty large, internationally recognised businesses both in the music and fashion industry. While I had some amazing experiences in these years – and I learnt a lot from them – something never sat right with me on this path. A lot of people would marvel at the career I had forged – from the outside it looked and sounded like a complete dream – but as with everything, the reality of the day-to-day wasn't the glamour of what people saw. 

I really struggled to find happiness in those first few years of moving to London. Looking back, I can see how lost I was. I felt stuck, so I blindly continued on. 


Fast forward to 2017 and after feeling totally fed up with the trajectory I was on, I quit my full-time job, moved into freelance work and embarked on my yoga teacher training. 

It wasn't as dramatic as it sounds, and it didn't happen over night. I would say that this realisation happened over a period of time – with lots of baby steps.

The first of the baby steps was turning vegetarian in 2015 and then vegan in 2016. It lit a little fire of curiosity in me. I felt truly passionate about a cause for perhaps the first time in my life! I wanted to shout from the rooftops about it.

Turning vegan also led me to live intentionally for the first time. Now that I had examined my diet and why I was eating what I was eating, I turned to look at everything else in my life, from my make-up and clothing to the way I spent my time. 

That one decision sparked a lot of positive changes in my life. 


Three part pie chart

Now, I am the co-founder of a bi-annual printed publication called Omnom, a magazine about ethical food and lifestyle. We interview all sorts of incredible people about how they are contributing to a better, more mindful and conscious society. I love using my photography and writing skills to create something that has hopefully inspired at least a few people to also examine their choices with a critical eye and to make positive change to their lives. 

Outside of the magazine, I am also a freelance creative working with some beautiful lifestyle brands that again, are striving to make positive change in the world. 

And the third part of my three part pie chart, and why you're here – teaching and practicing yoga!

I cannot describe how much joy shaping my own path has brought me. Yes, it's been hard. But it's also been exhilarating, wonderful and empowering. 


Through teaching yoga, I hope to light that same spark of self-determination and self-direction in others, that yoga has shown to me.

I love leading a room through a challenging sequence, drawing attention to our physical bodies which we call home, and encouraging everyone to show their amazing bodies some love! Yoga is a journey for life and there's so much to discover. 

See you on the mat x